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Front man for the Band, singer, song writer, and accomplished harmonica player for over 30 years. He is known as the harp guy with unique style and amazing energy with his blues riffs. Over the years Barney has played Toronto scene, all over Ontario, Texas and Costa Rica. His previous band Barney-Adams Band opened twice for David Wilcox, and once for George Thorogood. Barneys on stage and off stage personality exudes his love and joy for the gift of Blues Music.


Danny has being playing the Blues for over 50 years with bands such as Par Four, Little Caesar, Common Bond, Barney-Adams and now the B & B Blues Band. He has toured all over Ontario, England and Germany. Danny’s Dark Chocolate blues vocals and comedic antics are fan favorites at all the shows.  He has what is known as “good ears” in the music circles and has the ability to lazer lock in what is required on the stage. He and drummer Billy have a flawless connection and he can lay down beautiful bass line to whatever is planned or unplanned on stage!

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  BILLY J. CAMPBELL(aka Stick Wizard)

A second generation drummer, Billy followed in his fathers footsteps going on tour at the age of 18. He played in bands such as Poppa Grey Blues Band, the Christopher Band, and then 16 years as the drummer for the Grant Fullerton Band(formerly Lighthouse) until he joined up with his pal Barney Barnes to for the B & B Blues Band. As a Fire Captain, Billy was in a school doing a fire check in uniform and walked by the music room to see students playing with instruments. He approached the drummer and asked if he could give him a quick lesson, which the student happily obliged.  Once he got it warmed up, he then went into his routines with jaw opened students in awe. He thanked the students and left.  The fire chief got a call from the school “ who is that drummer you got over there!!” As B & B Blue Band believes to inspire youth, pay it forward and keep Blues alive.


Another amazing young guy (40 years!) talented musician added to the salty seasoned B & B Blues Band. His talented skills on guitar also bring the audience to attention. When he and Patrick get involved in fun “pushing talent over the bar offset playing” the crowd truly benefits from this genuine FUN energy. His intense style of playing the guitar draws forth incredible sounds and insightful riffs which totally result in fan smiles and cheers.  Randy’s Blues attitude and contribution to the B & B Blues Band is invaluable.

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Patrick was introduced to the band at the Monarchs and Blues Festival as a walk on welcomed by the B & B Blues Band with his plaid shirt and work boots.  The crowd had their jaws drop and looked around like they were in awe.  His magnetism, gifted talent and down to earth demeanor on and off stage undeniably makes him magic.  The youth and respect that he has for his band mates makes the old guys and young guys so much fun. He told Barney “I can only ask for the energy now that you have at your age!!” He always thrills audiences with his guitar shredding, vocals, keyboards, falsetto vocals every show. His youthful exuberance and talents being added to the seasoned band members clearly demonstrates B & B Blues Band plays for all ages and promotes youth by usually bringing someone up to join the band for song.  Patrick plays for various groups including his family band.

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